Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm leaving for a while

The title to this blog now has some sort of relevance to my life now. 'Bangtail' is an old Western term for 'wild horse' and although I am far from being a complete wild soul, the connotations are most certainly there. I am moving out in a few days. I believe it is time for me to begin writing again, because part of me misses it. Writing was once my passion. I would like to, in some way, document my new life. I would like to write about the pros and cons of my new situation, then one day I would like to go back and read my thoughts. I'm moving to the city. Only a couple years ago, I used to think of myself as destined to live in the big cities. Nowadays, I have to admit I quite like the quiet life. One day I wish to live in the country, by a river or such, but only after I have experienced and wrung all I can out of the drenched cities. It still excites me.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Profound (or not) thoughts #1

These days, other people's lives seem so much more interesting than mine. I'm not talking about people I know personally, I'm speaking about the many blogs I read. Their lives are creative. Recently, I have been lacking the creative streak I used to have. Nevertheless I still crave it. In fact, I crave this more than ever before. I guess I am in this predicament due to the time of the year it is. A time where I feel guilty if I am not thinking about studying. But then again, I procrastinate to a point where my guilt overpowers me and makes me lazy. I am unsure whether anyone would be able to understand this.

I have been trying to savour life. I have been trying to use my five senses wherever I can. I try to commit certain scenes to memory, and collect scents that will pinpoint certain moments. A spring night with little movement besides from the wind in the olive branches from my bedroom window. The smell of chimney smoke next door mixed with unblemished air.

Wind has been consuming my thoughts at time of boredom. I write only the truth. As I sat outside two evenings ago, the wind made soft rivals with my hair. The wind has no structure, it dances freely wherever it please and it comes and goes in a spontaneous manner. Yet, it is vital. It holds a purpose, and it doesn't care whether people want it present or not. It most certainly has a mind of its own, but it does its job, and does it well. I want to be like wind. I want to be wind.

Last night I went to a little 'alternative' bar. Major Toms. To be quite frank, it was awkward as hell. Old fifty-year-old men called us fourteen. We were stared at as if we were not welcome. I do sound very sour, but honestly, I disliked the atmosphere. Why does age have to be a barrier here where I live. Why can't everyone just accept the fact that we're not kids anymore. Well... to an extent I might add.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Supermarket etc

These are just some unedited photographs for my photography class. I should put some on here from my previous assignment, they are quite different. It looked alright on the board, although I still haven't received a grade for them. I just finished reading 'Lord of the Flies' by William Golding. Many people at school say they dislike this book but I personally do not see why because I enjoyed it quite thoroughly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elle Fanning - Rodarte: The Curve of Forgotten Things (2011)

Elle Fanning, Ventia Scott, Self Service Magazine

I'm so drawn to these clothes even though we are heading into winter where I live. There is something mystical about the pieces of clothes, the styling, and the location. But now, I must find my inspiration for winter, it only seems logical.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fluffy pink blanket

I got a calming bath bomb from a friend. It is supposed to 'wrap you in a fluffy pink blanket' and it did just that. I was stressed, I had a pink bath while listening to records, I was calm.