Monday, February 13, 2012


Yesterday we ventured to Auckland City to see the new apartment that my parents bought. My brother will be living in it. I think it's radical and frankly I am excited to stay in it. We left quite late last night to go home and so I lay in the back of the van with no seats the whole way listening to my new favourite, Marina and the Diamonds, her first album. I felt like I was in an alternative film as I gazed at the street lamps creating patterned shadows all through the van. It was nice. I also created for myself a place to do work in my room. The last time I had to study, I was always distracted by the birds, naming each and every one that returned day after day and that just wasn't practical. I want a new chair for my desk, ultimately i would like a ghost chair but, i have little to no money so, once again, unpractical. Papa says we can go to a second hand furniture store to buy one. This is nice.