Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm leaving for a while

The title to this blog now has some sort of relevance to my life now. 'Bangtail' is an old Western term for 'wild horse' and although I am far from being a complete wild soul, the connotations are most certainly there. I am moving out in a few days. I believe it is time for me to begin writing again, because part of me misses it. Writing was once my passion. I would like to, in some way, document my new life. I would like to write about the pros and cons of my new situation, then one day I would like to go back and read my thoughts. I'm moving to the city. Only a couple years ago, I used to think of myself as destined to live in the big cities. Nowadays, I have to admit I quite like the quiet life. One day I wish to live in the country, by a river or such, but only after I have experienced and wrung all I can out of the drenched cities. It still excites me.