Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh hope

 I would like to go on a trip to Ohope with some friends and perhaps pitch a tent somewhere and spend two nights there living off a few dollars and a few packets of noodles. It would be nice to do something where we are not expected to be home at any time and we can do what we want. I am starting to feel my age; I'm eighteen soon and I feel like I didn't appreciate the time of being seventeen and that is a regret of mine, but in saying that I still had fun. I also would like to go bowling with some people (purely because I have nine free game vouchers). I would like to watch some interesting films which strike up conversations, also I would like to watch some films where no talking is needed and we can just soak in our own thoughts along with the writer of the film's ideas.

lie on the grass and watch the sky
Just need to say how obsessed I am with Beth Hoeckel's collages. She has it done so perfectly one can't quite tell whether you are staring at reality or if it is an image in a kaleidoscope. I find that I make many collages when I have read my eyes dry or turned my eyes square from a screen and it actually chews the time away because you lose yourself cutting from printed paper while listening to good tunes.
I have been quite content recently, floating could describe the motion in which I have been living these past few days. I have realised someone is much more interesting when they don't speak all that they think. I try not be an open book because I find those who speak less hold the most interest, and I wish to speak to these kinds of people and to be their friend. I have also been reading interesting novels that I have never heard of, partly because I like to escape to another world and partly because I would like to expand my vocabulary.